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Professional leather cleaning in Doncaster

Searching for Professional leather cleaning in Doncaster is just the same as anything else. Lots of Google results, but which one do you choose?

Professional leather cleaning in Doncaster
Professional leather cleaning in Doncaster

It’s not easy, some people are great at advertising but not so great at the job or product. We can see that in the fast food industry! So how do you choose the right person to deep clean your leather sofa? One way would be to look at the qualifications of the person. But that can be misleading. There are lots of leather cleaning courses out there, some are in depth, some are just a day believe it or not!

Trusting someone with your leather investment, which may run into thousands of pounds for your nice new leather couch can be a bit scary at times. Why should you trust us to deep clean your leather furniture and what makes us worthy of this trust?

Experienced leather cleaners in Doncaster

We are well qualified, as you would expect. Most importantly, we understand leather and the process of leather furniture construction. For example, we deep clean leather sofas. So we have to have an in depth knowledge of the materials from the leather itself to the colouring pigments and the various leather protectors that are available.

This in depth knowledge leaves us well placed to assess and make a perfect job of professional leather cleaning in Doncaster. We get called out to all sorts of DIY attempts at leather sofa cleaning and quite a few from people that have hired someone to clean their leather couch and made a mistake.

It is not easy to identify and assess leather. It takes time and practice. If the identification is wrong then the whole basis of choosing what products to use cleaning that leather sofa has the potential to damage it.

You are in good hands with us. We are experts in leather cleaning. When your sofa needs a good deep down clean, you can rely on us to do an outstanding job.

Leather sofa cleaning experts in Doncaster

It’s a good idea to understand the very basics of how your leather sofa came to be the colour it is and how it’s protected.

Your leather furniture, unless it’s Aniline, suede etc will have been spray painted. Similar to how a car is painted. This is a special type of leather pigment that first has an undercoat and then the top coat. This is then over sprayed with a suitable leather protector.

The protector has to be applied to a point where the client can still feel the quality of the leather. But it still needs to be tough enough to protect the pigment. Therefore, there is always a happy medium to be struck between the two requirements.

We say that roughly speaking an average household will be at the point of needing to renew the protector every twelve months.

If this is not the case, the pigment, which at the end of the day is just soft paint. Will start to be exposed and will be rubbed away. This happens quite quickly once the protector is rubbed away. And the leather chair will then need to be re coloured, or in most cases people just buy a new one. A real waste of money and bad for the environment.

Local leather cleaning experts.

There are many reasons for choosing a local leather cleaning expert in Doncaster. That is to say, someone that will do a great job at local rates and that has been in business specialising in professional leather cleaning in Doncaster for some time.

Above all, we guarantee all of our work. Keeping your leather investment in good condition is something we take very seriously. It’s not just a case of wipe over with some shop brought leather cleaner and a balm.

Our process ensures that all the grit and tiny particles that you can’t see and therefore can’t remove are removed. If this is not done, the protector will just be once big sheet of sandpaper rubbing your paint off!

This soon damages your sofa to the point where only a complete restoration will bring it back. We can do that, but the idea is not to get to that point.

To sum up, we are committed to bringing you a great service that will keep your leather sofa in the best condition possible. Above all, we always deliver the very best service and advice to our clients. This is the only way to keep our valued clients and the only way professional leather cleaners should be. So when you need professional leather cleaning in Doncaster, contact us by email, telephone or facebook at any time.


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