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Leather Cleaning Doncaster

If you are looking for Leather cleaning Doncaster or leather cleaners in Pontefract & Barnsley. you have found us! You have come to the right place too. Professional leather will deep clean, condition and re protect your leather sofa. And car seats making them look great again and be protected from the constant rubbing they have to endure.

Why clean leather sofa and car seats?

Keeping your leather couch clean is simple on a day to day basis. But it is essential that it is deep cleaned and re protected. This is to ensure that the leather stays durable and looks good. It’s not all about what it looks like though.

Every time you sit on the sofa or car seat you are rubbing the leather. This rubs the protective coating off that was applied in the factory. Even worse, all the tiny pieces of grit, that you can’t really see are picked up and rubbed across the leather like sand paper.

This happens every time you get in or out of the car or on and off the furniture. This quickly removes the protective coat exposing the pigment (paint).

This is normal in fact. But when the leather protector has rubbed through, which in a normal household can be a year, you are down to the pigment. Once you are at that stage you are rubbing the pigment (paint) off the sofa.

This will expose the undercoat very quickly. And after that the leather is exposed. This looks terrible in your living room or car. But we can help you with that by keeping your leather upholstery in good shape and well protected.

The ideal thing is not to get to that position. So we come out and deep clean your leather sofa and re protect it for you.

Professional leather cleaner Doncaster

The best way to clean a leather sofa is to call in a professional leather cleaner. But why?

Leather cleaning Doncaster
Leather cleaning Doncaster

Well a professional leather cleaner will test your leather sofa to see exactly what type of leather you have. Without going through this procedure it is impossible to understand what type of leather cleaner and technique to use.

There are many differences in leather from Aniline to Nubuck and many different finishes including micro pigmented leather through to a two tone leather finish. It is essential that the leather cleaner understands all this and selects the correct products and procedures.

It is possible to buy a leather cleaner for the shops. However, unless you know what exactly is in the product and what type of leather and finish you have, it can be a recipe for disaster.

It’s not worth the risk. When you start to clean a leather couch and you look at your cloth, and you see the colour come off. It’s too late, the damage has been done. But don’t worry, we are fully trained to avoid that.

Even if the undercoat is not showing through, the fact that you see colour on your cloth means that the protective coat has be taken off. This means that the pigment is now exposed and it will soon rub though. Now is the time to call leather cleaning Doncaster. We will be able to put that right for you.

Leather Cleaning Doncaster – Pontefract & Barnsley.

Using professional techniques developed and used uniquely by us, we guarantee to carry out the very best deep clean and re protect of your leather items.

We clean all types of leather, in all sorts of situations and locations including leather furniture in the home. Car seats and interiors , including the inside of the door if it finished in leather.

We clean leather in boats and aircraft too. In fact we offer a fully inclusive leather cleaning service for everything from your sofa through leather aircraft seats to handbags and jackets. There is not a lot that we have not cleaned over the years.

The family team here at Professional Leather is a family firm offering nothing but an exceedingly outstanding service throughout all the work we take on.

Our aim is to provide five star customer service. And top quality work. Our in depth knowledge about leather and how to clean it makes us the first choice in leather cleaning Doncaster Pontefract & Barnsley.

Leather aircraft seat cleaning

One of our specialities is cleaning the seats and interiors of aircraft at Doncaster airport. This is a specialised job because of the environment and the different ways that an aircraft seat needs to be treated.

It is something that we have developed over the years and as Doncaster airport gets busier, so do we. We are able to work around our clients in terms of access and times when the aircraft is available.

We clean the leather seats of the big commercial airliners to private aircraft and small jets, It is a service that we are particularly proud of.

The seats and interior of luxury boats and are also on our long list of leather services we have provided in the past. These are just a few things that make us the first choice in Leather Cleaning Doncaster.

Just give a call for a call about your leather cleaning needs. We will talk you through the process and of course, all advice is fee, we never badger people for work.


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