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Leather sofa cleaning service

Before you try cleaning your leather sofa or leather car seats with some leather cleaning product that you have been given or have brought.

Stop! You need know what chemicals are in the leather cleaner. It’s really important if you don’t want to damage your leather to understand at least three things.

The first is understanding what type of leather you have. The second is what sort of finish your leather sofa has and the third is understanding what chemicals are in the products you intend to use.

There are other factors of course. But if you are not sure about any of those. Then you are best advised not to risk causing all sorts of damage to your leather.

Manufactures will have disclaimers on their product. Like always test first. Well doing a test around the back is only really going to tell you if it strips the colour out right away.

You won’t know what damage has or will occur to the leather and it’s coatings. But not to worry, we do.

Professional leather has years of training and experience in Doncaster cleaning leather upholstery.

We ensure that ensures that no damage will happen to your valuable leather furniture.

Understanding leather is our life, and we do it well. Deep cleaning your leather is just the start. Re protecting your sofa is very important too.

So we apply a leather protector that is suitable to your type of leather when we finish deep cleaning your sofa.

When leather furniture has been built and coloured it needs to be protected for the pigment (paint) from rubbing off. It is usually protected with a Polyurethane coating.

This coating rubs of in normal use just by getting on and off of the chair or car seat. What is left is just the pigment. This will rub away very quickly now. To stop this, the furniture needs to be re protected.

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Leather car seat cleaning

Professional leather offers a great leather sofa and car seat cleaning service for your leather. We can do a really deep clean and re protect to your leather sofa or car seat.

Quite often the bolster on the car seat dirty quickly. We can clean and re protect that for you. In fact we can clean the whole inside of the car leather if that is what you want.

Using only the best products we guarantee that you will be delighted with the results. Quality, performance and value is key. So it stands to reason as a professional company we aim to give people products and service that has outstanding quality and great value for money.

We can achieve this by using tried & tested leather products and techniques that we know work and are durable.

There are not many trained leather technicians around. It’s a dying art. But we are highly trained leather experts and we are on your doorstep. Just give us a call.

Our results speak for themselves. And we guarantee to meet all of our clients expectations. So if you have leather car seats that need cleaning, Just call professional leather care.

We will give you a first class leather cleaning service with remarkable results. Everyone deserves the best, so why not call Professional Leather today and see the difference for yourself .

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Leather Upholstery cleaning service Doncaster

Professional Leather brings together top professionals and knowledgeable leaders and experts in leather care from around the country.

To guarantee you the very best in leather cleaning. Exceptional results are guaranteed with our work for your peace of mind.

You can expect a great leather cleaning service and exceptional results from your local leather cleaning technician.

We clean and re protect all types of leather including furniture like your sofa and leather car seats

Making your leather look great again, and something to be proud of.

Investing in your sofa, especially if it is a bit older is the best thing to do. Just look at the cost of replacing your older sofa like for like.

You need to very wary when you go into a furniture shop to buy a new leather couch.

It may feel like thick leather to you by pinching a bit. But beware, it may be a very thin skin of leather glued by a special process to fabric.

Once this very thin veneer of leather is damaged, it is not really reparable.

Keeping what you have in good clean condition and re protected means that you get to keep what you loved in the first place.

Our extremely effective leather products and techniques make sure that your leather furniture has the very best attention possible.

Please be assured that all of our electrical equipment is regularly tested and safe to use in your home or office.

We use a pat testing service in Doncaster

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